The Diamond sponsorship helps fund the specialized dietary needs of all our raptors, provide equiptment for both bird and trainer such as leashes, hoods and gloves. It also helps fund the proper training for Kingsports raptors, provide them with enrichment toys, build and maintain the housing for our raptors and covers the cost of a yearly medical exam for 2 Raptors.


Price Options
C$500.00yearly/ auto-renew
One-time purchase
  • Diamond sponsors will recieve the following for their first year of sponsorship.

    • a customized certificate of sponsorship
    • a 11x17 poster of a Kingsport raptor
    • a Kingsport decal
    • a solid pewter kingsport keychain
    • a Kingsport sponsor t-shirt
    • a plush toy

    A new photo and certificate will be sent every following year.

    Sponsorship plan available as a one time purchase or as a reccuring yearly plan*.

    *reccuring sponsorships will auto renew on date of original purchase.