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Where Inspiration Takes Flight


Growing up on a farm in central Ontario Nicole Soucie developed a love for animals at a very young age but it wasn't until her teenage years that Nicole was introduced to falconry.
At a local fall fair, she was introduced to a falconer that was there to do flight demonstrations and a meet and greet. Her interest was piqued and as time went by Nicole became increasingly intrigued with the world of falconry.  She knew this was the career she wanted. 
Nicole worked hard to put together a plan to create her own business. She researched, studied and planned until she was licensed and confident she knew what to do.  By 2014 Kingsport was born. Starting off with only one raptor Nicole focused on the housing, care, and training of her bird.
As her knowledge and confidence grew she was able to expand her business from solely wildlife control to include educational components and flight demonstrations and has since worked alongside conservation authorities, police services, fortune 500 companies, and municipalities as well as local groups and individuals.       
Nicole currently leads the Kingsport team as they continue striving, in their own small way, to maintain the delicate balance between nature and society.
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