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Our Services

Kingsport provides professional and affordable falconry services to clients in the south-central Ontario region. Leave worry out of the equation by taking advantage of our in-house services and letting our experts handle the details. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show you why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the field.

Wildlife Control
Image by Charles Jackson

Wildlife management

Mother nature made raptors natural deterrents to other birds and small game.  We expand on that natural characteristic by training our birds to return after doing what instinct dictates.  In cases where it may not be appropriate or convenient to have wildlife located in a certain area, our birds encourage them to move on by choice instead of using trapping or killing methods.

Looking for Wildlife Control send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Just like humans, raptors need some extra attention, proper nutrition and a safe place to recuperate when they are injured. We work with other licensed professionals to provide that place until they are strong enough to return to their habitat.


All rehab birds capable of surviving on their own are released back into the wild. For those not capable of surviving on their own we do offer permanent fosters where appropriate.



Education & Events


Fear and ignorance are the greatest challenges our birds face from society.  By providing an opportunity for people to get up close and personal with these amazing birds and by providing even just basic information about them, they become less of a mystery, more respected and to a certain extent more safeguarded by people going about their day to day lives.


From fall fairs, and fundraisers to charity events and more Kingsport can make your event a unique experience.

Interested in booking us for your next event? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Weddings, Events, & Photography


Let Your Love Soar!


Make your day an unforgettable one with a Kingsport wedding package!



Get the perfect shot in no time with a Kingsport photography session. 

One on Ones

One on Ones

Get up close and personal with birds of prey and work one on one with a licensed falconer. Gain insight, learn what goes on behind the scenes, and experience what it’s like to work alongside these stunning creatures.

One on Ones are available between April and November

For more information or to book your One on One sessions send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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